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It's been FIVE years!

I cannot believe that my #realestate journey started only five years ago. In all actuality, it started a long time before that...

As a new college graduate, I thought I had it all figured out. I had a "great" new job and was moving to a new town...and commuting daily to my job. I was newly engaged. I had life all figured out. And God looked down and laughed. Probably in hysterics at how I thought I had it all together.

You see, the "great" job was T for Terrible. I despised driving 45 minutes each morning and 45 minutes each evening down a back road with hit and miss cell service (on my Motorolla flip phone). I cried each day and vowed I was going to find something better. However, I did learn so much in my short time at the job about finance, sub-prime lending and customer service. And, just for fun, each weekend, we would peruse around and look at all the new construction homes, peaking in windows of vacant homes for sale, and ultimately plan out everything we thought we wanted in a home one day. That was the start of the journey...

Low and behold, we decided to move back to Statesboro. No job in mind. We were just going back...we had friends still in school, family in town, and it was all going to work itself out. I did find a fabulous job. And with the little experience I had in the finance industry, and I guess knowing that I can be taught, I landed a great job, a great work family, and learned far more than I had ever imagined. But, I was just getting started.

Looking back, as with most things in life, I learned so much without knowing it, and each job lead to the next. And with each job, there were ups {and downs}; I knew something better was coming. Each job, each position, each organization I had the pleasure of being involved in, was only paving my way and allowing me to grow in ways that I needed to in order to get to the destination.

Meanwhile, #life was happening. During all this time, I got married. We got a dog. Then, while I was pregnant again, I decided to take a leap of faith and dive into the real estate license course. Usually one for a lot of research, and asking everyone and their brother all the questions so I have enough information to make the best informed decisions, this time I decided to just GO FOR IT!

I had baby numero dos, passed the course, took and passed the state license exam and then there she was, a beautiful manila-colored paper that said, VALERIE THOMPSON, SALESPERSON. Then what, you ask? Well, I thought I was going to test the water, get a feel for it before diving in. But, then God laughed again. And I jumped in head first. Full throttle. No looking back. VALERIE THOMPSON - FULL-TIME REALTOR®.

My first full year selling real estate was a success. It was my success. No one else could have taken that from me. I learned a lot. I met many great people and built fabulous relationships. I was able to build a foundation for myself to keep me in this game for a long time. This job allows me to wear many hats: real estate professional, loving wife, and one of my most favorites, Mom. Most of all I have found my passion, or at least, realize my passion. My passion has always been the same: helping people. My avenue in which to do it was through buying and selling real estate.

Fast forward to today, December 31, 2020. A year that has been turned upside down for many. A year that we all changed our ways. A year that we were told things we should have already been doing: washing our hands, not coughing on people, to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.... A year that brought many home to work, schooling from home, unable to work, unable to see friends and family, go to church, etc. The year face masks became an every day accessory and hand sanitizer is no longer novelty, but a necessity. It also welcomed a new puppy into my household...what the heck were we thinking?!

Through all this, I was able to find the silver lining. I don't think God laughed this time. I think God reminded us {me} that He is in charge. He allowed us to take the back seat, put everything on the back burner, and reorganize our priorities. And, after FIVE years of being in the industry, I now have a piece of manila-colored paper that says: VALERIE THOMPSON, ASSOCIATE BROKER.

It took a while to figure it out. Although I'm not sure I've figured out life, because we all know that changes too many times to count. God still laughs at me sometimes, but He also gives me hope. He gives me strength. I'm grateful for the jobs that built me. I'm more than thankful for the people that believed in me, and even the ones that didn't.

I'm not sure what the next five years will hold, but one thing is certain, the Statesboro-Bulloch County real estate market {and beyond} has this chick in their corner! And, I've already got my eye on the next prize.

Happy New Year! May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021. And, may you find, or refine, your #passion.


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