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New Year...Now What?

Wow. Does anyone else feel like 2021 was a Big. Fat. Blur?! I mean....where did it go? I can't complain. It was a great year. Real Estate, despite the crazy market, lack of inventory, price hikes, construction material shortages, labor was still a great year to buy and sell real estate in South Georgia.

Looking to BUY a HOME in 2022?

Here are the reasons 2022 will be even better:

1. Interest Rates. Interest rates are still at historical lows. This means that a buyer has more buying power when budgeting for a home. Lower interest frees up the amount of principal you can borrow. See diagram as an example. As you will see, your cost of the same home with lower interest means lower payments, and less interest over time.

2. Lower inventory doesn't mean that you can't find a home. It means you need a great agent on your side that can help take the market, and your desires, and find the perfect match at the right time. Having the best REALTOR on your side means you have someone working for you all the time to keep up with what is coming to market, and how to properly negotiate to help you get the home you want. Doing this alone is tough. Let the professionals help. Another diagram...did you know what all a REALTOR does for YOU?! Keep in mind, as a BUYER, You. Pay. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. It costs you absolutely nothing to have someone working hard for you to help you buy a home. A REALTOR is paid when the home closes, and is paid by the SELLER. We are licensed professionals and are to be held to the most high moral and ethical standards.

3. Market Stabilization. Yes, prices have increased. Yes, the value of homes have increased. But, homes are meant to appreciate! You want your home to hold value and you want to have appreciation! A home is an investment. One of the easiest investments you can get into, and reap the benefits from! For a long time, our market (Statesboro area) has been behind everyone else. We have finally caught up with other markets and appreciation is finally back on our side. Although I do anticipate materials costs to continue to rise...hello laws of supply and demand and hello, inflation. But, as buyer's financial situations improve by way of better jobs, great lending programs and savvy saving techniques.

Bottom line. Don't let the market scare you. Don't let the news and media and your friends and family intimidate you from being a homeowner. Talk to the professionals. Get a good REALTOR on your side. We work relentlessly to help you. We have built the relationships and made the right contacts to help the entire process work out seamlessly.

When you're ready to grab the bull by the horns, I'm HERE for YOU.

Valerie Thompson

Associate Broker

Coldwell Banker Conner Realty

(912) 690-1519 cell

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